Low Energy Lighting

Osborne Energy are proud to offer the installation of low energy lighting for clients at no upfront cost*.

With fully funded options, including finance provided by a robust global lighting manufacturer, with production facilities in the UK.

We are able to carry out the installation ourselves using our own approved and trusted supply chain or via the clients own if requested*.

How it works

Core Benefits

Energy Procurement (Optional)

Through one of our partners we can run a reverse ‘e-auction’ for electricity and gas, with potential for savings of between 5-12% over standard brokers or Public Buying Organisations. Our partner can:

  • Design the energy procurement strategy
  • Provide bespoke energy tendering software to target significant savings
  • Provide a fully managed OJEU procurement exercise if required

On-Site Generation (Optional)

  • When conducting lighting surveys, we can assess suitability and provide estimates for on-site solar PV generation
  • There is the potential for funded installations through Power Purchase Agreements or possible to combine with LED funding package.
  • For older buildings, we are able to review the current insulation and provide recommendations for improvement.

Our Approach

As part of our bespoke, solutions focused approach, we can develop alternative ways to fund the offer, suited to client set up and requirements and size of project.

The main offer is standard asset finance with the payment profile configured to allow the savings to cover the repayments.

Alternatively, we can look at a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), where the combined capex of the works (LED, solar etc) is be paid off via the unit cost purchase of electricity from the solar PV installation.

This is a stable, long term way to fund the works without directly borrowing. We also have a ‘service charge’ option which we can develop with you, more details available upon request.

*Contact us for full Terms & Conditions