Project Management


Established since 1996 in the energy efficiency industry, Osborne Energy are proud to offer our project management services.

Let us support you with the building and application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve your project objectives.

Let us help you with your project management needs

We have the ability to set-up, manage and lead on projects, which encompasses:
• A full review of the project specification and contractual terms
• The development of a viable project plan and project team
• The set-up of communication channels and the distribution of the project plan to appropriate parties
• The delegation of project actions
• Tips on how to manage, motivate and encourage a project team
• Regular checks and reviews on project progress and the ability to adjust the project plan wherever it is deemed necessary
• Providing a comprehensive project evaluation report
• Building and present project case studies
• Providing future recommendations, such as training and support