Room In Roof Insulation

A room in roof (loft room) or attic room is simply defined by the presence of a fixed staircase to access the room.

Many older properties that were originally built with room in roof were not insulated at the time. If insulation was installed, it is often inadequate by modern standards.

Loft conversions that were carried out more than 30 years ago are also likely to be poorly insulated, if at all, meaning that these rooms can be cold and difficult to heat.

What are the benefits of Room in Roof insulation?

  • Save heat, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Help the environment, by cutting our carbon footprints

Can I Insulate a Room in Roof?

If you want to use your loft as a living space, or it is already being used as a living space, you can insulate your room in the roof by insulating the roof itself rather than the loft floor.

Grant Funding

Grant funding may be available for the works and the amount of grant and the cost of the works will vary depending your eligibility and on how much CO2 is saved by installing the measure.

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