Solar PV

You could save and earn money by generating your own electricity.

Solar Photovoltaics, or Solar PV for short, is a technology in which daylight is converted into electrical power. Solar PV takes advantage of energy from the sun to create electricity, that will operate electrical appliances and lighting.

By generating your own electricity you could save on your energy bills.

For the installation of Solar PV panels, a clear, uninterrupted and unshaded section of roof is required, with south or near south orientation. The roof needs to be large enough to accommodate the Solar PV modules, structurally sound and built using materials that are compatible with a fixing system that is readily available. Solar PV panels don’t need direct sunlight only daylight, so they also work on cloudy days!

The cost of a Solar PV System will vary depending on the panel type, system size and surface mounting. Contact us today for a free no obligation survey*.

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Contact us for a no obligation survey and FREE quote*

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