Osborne Energy are proud to be listed as one of 90 fastest growing companies in Sussex.

Having been awarded 20th place, please see below what The Argus had to say:

THE IMPACT of the world’s longest recession is still being felt, the economic recovery still fragile.

Thankfully there are companies out there achieving sustainable growth, creating jobs and building back the economy.

As part of a landmark initiative, The Argus has teamed up with asb law, Kreston Reeves and Lloyds to create Sussex Super Growth – the ultimate list of high-growth companies in the county.

To have been entered, companies must be active and their main trading address must be in Sussex.

Turnover must be at least £1 million in the base year, the company must be profitable and it must not be quoted.

Growth figures are based on a three-year period with all information based on records filed with Companies House.

Osborne Energy is one of a rare crop of independent energy-saving companies who have survived in this exceptionally volatile industry.

Having just moved into new premises in Hastings, its directors are positive about the future as they continue to strengthen their relationships with numerous London boroughs, from whom they find themselves getting increasing volumes of work.