Cavity wall insulation extraction

Cavity wall extraction and refill is a process that involves removing existing failed insulation from the walls of a property and then refilling the cavity with new insulation. The process of extraction and refill is relatively simple and can be completed in just a few days, depending on the size of the property.

The old insulation is removed by drilling small holes in the walls and using specialist tools to extract it. The new insulation is then blown into the cavity using a pressure pump, filling the space, and improving the energy efficiency of the property.

Overall, cavity wall extraction and refill are important processes that can help to reduce energy consumption and keep homes warm and comfortable all year round.

Does your house demonstrate signs of any of the following:

✔ Cold patches on internal walls
✔ A build up of condensation and mould on internal walls
✔ Decorative surfaces becoming stained with paint flaking off
✔ The property will begin to smell of damp

This could be caused by wrongly installed or failed cavity wall insulation.

Why do we need to extract cavity wall insulation?

Health Risks

Poorly fitted cavity wall insulation can contribute to health issues.


Insulation Effectiveness

Did you know that if insulation becomes damp by even 1% it will cost you more to heat your house than a property with no cavity wall insulation?


Materials that can be extracted:

✔ Expanded polystyrene
✔ Loose and/or bonded Urea Formaldehyde Insulation
✔ Rockwool Mineral Fibre
✔ Whitewool Glass Mineral Fibre

Immediate Resolution

The effects of wrongly installed and failed insulation are almost immediately resolved once the cavity wall insulation is removed and the property is cleaned and aired.

The cavity wall extraction process is:

✔ Fully risk assessed prior to being carried out
✔ A complete technical survey is carried out by our experienced surveyors
✔ All works are non-disruptive to neighbouring properties insulation

Grant Funding

Grant funding may be available for the works and the amount of grant and the cost of the works will vary depending your eligibility and on how much CO2 is saved by installing the measure